How Much Do Private Hospitals Charge in Hong Kong?

If you want to budget medical costs or simply wonder how much a private hospital room costs in Hong Kong, here is the most complete guide on the market.

Before we get into the gritty-nitty details, it is important for you to know that in Hong Kong doctor fees are correlated to your room type. In other words, the more expensive the room, the more expensive the doctor and this for the exact same services. 

When budgeting for medical treatment, your room type will directly impact all other fees. It is crucial that you ask your doctor what his/her medical fees are for a private room, a semi-private room and ward.

Plus, a good way to reduce your health insurance premiums on certain products is to opt for the “semi-private restriction” which generally gives a 5% to 20% discount. 


What are the differences between private, semi-private and ward level rooms? 

(1) Private room

A private room is a room in which you are alone. The room has its own private restroom and special perks depending on the price you pay. Plus, private rooms always offer companion beds – which are either in the room fees or come at an extra cost.


(2) Semi-private room

A semi-private room is a room that you share with one other person. The two beds are usually separated by a curtain to maintain privacy. Restrooms are therefore shared. For some hospitals, a companion may stay the night at an extra fee. 

Insider knowledge: the new Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, that AD MediLink recently toured, categorizes inpatient rooms differently. They provide semi-private single rooms (i.e. one patient) and semi-private double rooms (i.e. two patients). This allows Gleneagles Hospital to charge for semi-private room rates while providing an actual private room. 


(3) The ward

The ward is large shared room where a number of patients require similar treatment. In Hong Kong private hospitals, the ward may include 3 to 14 patients. Beds are usually separated by a curtain for privacy. These rooms are the least expensive. Restrooms are shared and there is no companion bed. 

Insider knowledge: Gleneagles Hospital’s wards are limited to two beds only – therefore allowing patients to pay less (ward level) while providing an actual semi-private room.


What type of room does my insurance cover?

Be extremely careful when being admitted to a private hospital as your cover may limit you to semi-private room or ward level. If you opt for a private room while being covered for semi-private or ward level, you will not be fully reimbursed and may be financially penalized. 

In the event that you are involuntarily upgraded, your insurance provider may cover all costs but will ask for a written explanation from the hospital that no other room was available. 


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What’s excluded from hospital room fees? 

All room rates provided by private hospitals are for stays only. They generally do not include: doctor consultation fees, surgical operation fees, anaesthesia fees, nursing procedures, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, physical therapy, medicines, meals, medical supplies, use of equipment, accommodation for a guardian, etc. 

Be sure to take that into consideration when assessing costs of your inpatient stay especially so since all medical costs are correlated to your room type. 

Insider knowledge: Since the end of 2016, a Pilot Programme for Enhancing Price Transparency for Private Hospitals was launched in Hong Kong. The 12 private hospitals in Hong Kong are part of it. Among other things, this program acts on encouraging doctors and hospitals to provide estimated budget for planned operations or procedures (such as colonoscopy, thyroidectomy, LASIK, delivery, knee arthroscopy).
That is why some hospitals are now providing packages. For instance Union Hospital and Gleneagles hospital have more than 120 packages. 


Check out the room rates at Hong Kong’s 12 Private Hospitals:

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All amounts are in HKD and were last updated in June 2019. No responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions. It is always best to call ahead to make sure the information is still up-to-date.


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