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Medical insurance to help pay for your health bills in Hong Kong.

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For complete peace of mind, and the option to be treated wherever you want in the world.

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Provide complete medical insurance coverage to your baby or child.

Case Study

Read about how we can provide you with the personalized and expert service you need.


A 32-year-old woman working for a large corporation in Hong Kong has health coverage through work. She wonders how comprehensive it is, and whether she would be covered 100% in case she was hospitalized at a private hospital, such as the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, the Hong Kong Adventist or the Matilda International Hospital.

The Solution

  • Our advisor gives a thorough assessment of her medical employee benefits.
  • Because her work coverage has several sub-limits that can easily be reached in private hospitals, our advisor recommends supplementing her coverage with a comprehensive inpatient only plan.
  • Our advisor quotes inpatient plans within her budget with deductible options to lower the insurance costs and suggests deductibles that can be paid up by proof of reimbursement from her work plan.
  • She learns that the Hong Kong health insurance market discriminates against pre-existing conditions.
  • She learns that her work coverage would only cover her for prenatal care costs and that maternity coverage has waiting periods (the average on the market is 12 months).

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