Does Health Insurance Cover Sports Injuries?

We all know why it is important to exercise on a regular basis and luckily in Hong Kong there is no shortage of sports activities for you and your family. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or exercise to maintain a healthy weight, do you know if sport-related injuries are covered by your medical insurance plan?


Generally speaking, high-risk activities and extreme sports are excluded from standard medical insurance plans and you may have to get sport specific insurance. 


So under which conditions are sports covered? We at AD MediLink have compiled a list of standard exclusions and here are some of the major takeways


According to our market research, the individual Bupa global plans are the only ones that do not have any exclusion on sports activities.


Expert tip — Sports related injuries/accidents are usually covered when:

     ○ you do not engage in a professional matter

     ○ the sport is not considered hazardous 

     ○ the scuba diving is limited to a depth of less than 30 metres

     ○ the winter sport was not off-piste

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