Health Checkups in Hong Kong: How Much Does it Cost?

If you are planning a body check and wonder how much it costs and whether your insurance covers you, you are in the right place. AD MediLink experts tell you everything about medical checkups in Hong Kong.


1 – The basics of body checks (aka health checkups) in Hong Kong

Health checkups help you identify any potential health issue at an early stage before a problem gets worse. Plus, some diseases are not immediately visible and cannot be identified without proper screening. Therefore, even if you feel you are in good health, it is always better to get a check.

Unlike many other places, the Hong Kong public health system does not have recommendations for when various populations should undergo screening tests. Hong Kongers must get body checks in private clinics/hospitals, which are unregulated and unstandardized. Packages and costs thus vary greatly.

How often you should get a health check up depends on your state of health, your medical history, family history of serious illness and risk factors (smoking, cholesterol…). Most people in Hong Kong get screened at important stages of their lives such as getting married, changing jobs or before conceiving. And even if there is no consensus among doctors in Hong Kong about the frequency, many physicians recommend to do a physical check every year.


2 – Are health checkups covered by health insurance?

In Hong Kong, comprehensive health insurance plans with outpatient coverage usually reimburse health check-ups. 

Nevertheless, the plans set monetary and time sub-limits which can range between USD500 and 2,000. For instance, an insurance may cover health check-ups for up to USD1,000 every 3 years. The time limit is not systematic but frequent. Make sure to check with your insurance provider before getting screened.


3 –  What’s the cost of a health checkup in Hong Kong’s clinics

Here is the price of a health checkup in some of Hong Kong’s largest medical groups / clinics:


OT&P is a well-known clinic in Hong Kong for both expatriates and locals. Opened in 1994, it is the first clinic to have received in March 2010 the Australian Council of Health Services accreditation approved by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

OT&P offers 4 different packages for medical checkups:

Standard: HK$5,900
Comprehensive: HK$9,900
Ultra: HK$14,900
Ultra follow up: HK$12,900


Quality Healthcare

Quality HealthCare is one of the largest groups of clinics in Hong Kong, with over 100 multi-speciality centres and more than 1,200 affiliated clinics. In 2018, they won the Costumer Service Certificate of Merit delivered by Hong Kong Awards for Industries.

The group offers many kinds of health checkups for women, men, elderly and children. Their cheapest plan is the Flexiplan which starts at HK$980. Otherwise, checkups’ price ranges between:

For women: from HK$2,680 to HK$15,800
For men: from HK$2,580 to HK$14,800

They also have special packages for cardiovascular health , cancer screening, sexual health, eye examination and bone health screening.


Raffles Medical

Raffles Medical Group is present throughout Asia in China, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam. It offers different packages from Lifestyle to Premium ones. The prices range for both men and women between HK$2,180 and HK$12,000.

They also have screenings for cancer, premarital assessment, sexual health and women’s wellness plan


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4 – What’s the cost of a health checkup in a Hong Kong private hospital?

Canossa Hospital (Caritas)

Canossa Hospital offers the following health checkups:

Women Health Check Up : From HK$2,900 to HK$20,900
Men Health Check Up : From HK$2,300 to HK$18,900
Basic checkup: HK$3,200

Click here to see the package details. 

Canossa Hospital also provides: Coronary risk screening,  pre-employment screening and domestic helper checkups.


Evangel Hospital

Evangel Hospital provides 15 different packages that can be topped-up with optional items. 

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$2,270 to HK$14,050
Men Health Check Up: Up to HK$12,700
Basic checkup: HK$3,765

To know the details of each package, please click here.

Evangel Hospital also offers : pre-pregnancy screening, pre-marital check-ups, home-helper screening, lung cancer screening and diabetic patient screening.


Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospitals offers 3 different types of package: executive, privilege and platinum.

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$3,630 to HK$16,690
Men Health Check Up: from HK$3,630 to HK$16,210

Click here to have the packages details.


Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital (Stubbs Road) has 5 different packages: classic, advanced, royal, elite and ultimate.

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$3,600 to HK$3,900
Men Health Check Up: from HK$7,300 to HK$11,650

It also provide check ups for: 18th months babies, brain health screening, cardiac assessment, child package and China Visa, Cognitive health assessment, eye screening package, pre-employment and pre-marital checkups.


Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital (Tsuen Wan) wellness center offers 3 different kinds of package: standard, prestige and premier.

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$3,150 to HK$7,080
Men Health Check Up: from HK$2,980 to HK$7,080

They also offer physical examinations for diabetic and  vegetarian people, and weight management. 


Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital offers standard male and female packages as well as a men special package and a woman special package. 

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$2,580 to HK$10,700
Men Health Check Up: from HK$2,300 to HK$9,050
Standard plan: HK$2,300 

They also offer cancer screening, pre-marital and pre-pregnancy health checks, as well as China Visa plans.


Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital

Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital provides general health assessment schemes and a well woman screening package: 

The costs:

Health assessment schemes (A): HK$12,600
Health assessment schemes (B): HK$8,100
Well woman screening package: from HK$3,010 to HK$4,920


Matilda International Hospital

Matilda International Hospital has 3 health assessment packages: diamond premium, platinum and gold, plus well man and well woman packages.

The costs:

Women Health Check Up: from HK$8,400 to HK$25,300
Men Health Check Up: from HK$8,400 to HK$25,300

They also have cardiac assessment and health screening for children from 7 to 17 years old.

Matilda International Hospital also offers health screening at its medical center in Central (Suite 502, Prosperity Tower,39 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong). 

Please find the details here.


Precious Blood Hospital

Precious Blood hospital provides 3 levels of health checkup: comprehensive, standard and basic.

The costs:

Examination packages: from HK$3,905 to HK$9,970
Full woman package: HK$20,093
Full man package: HK$18,693

Precious Blood Hospital also provides: employee health check, pre-pregnancy / pre-marital examinations and heart disease check ups.


St. Paul’s Hospital

St. Paul’s Hospital offers packages for women and men, as well as pre-marital check-ups and pre-employment assessments. 

The costs: 

Women Health Check Up: from HK$2,920 to HK$8,750
Men Health Check Up: from HK$2,380 to HK$7,780


St. Teresa’s Hospital

St. Teresa’s Hospital has 4 different levels of health check ups for both men and women. They also provide cardiovascular and domestic assessments.

The costs: 

Women Health Check Up: from HK$1,650 to HK$8,200
Men Health Check Up: from HK$1,650 to HK$6,800


Union Hospital

Union Hospital offers various types of health check ups. 

Health check for both men and women: Basic, Standard, Elite, Executive and Supreme.

Man: from HK$890 to HK$9,000
Woman:  from HK$890 to HK$9,450

Men screening programme: from HK$2,830 to HK$5,830

Well woman programme: from HK$1,300 to HK$4,190

Union Hospital also provides health assessment for: domestic helpers, professionals drivers and pre-employment / pre-marital check-ups.



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