Free Reusable Masks in Hong Kong: All You Need to Know

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Late April 2020, the government announced that every Hong Kong resident would get a free reusable mask. Today (May 6), registration for the masks started with over 100,000 people signing up in the first half hour. Here’s everything you need to know.

We at AD MediLink tested the platform ourselves. Our team members successfully ordered masks within less than 4 minutes for themselves and family members. Here is a step-by-step guide to place your order and get free reusable masks!


Who is eligible for free masks?

All residents with a valid HKID card and a local address are eligible. Students in primary schools and kindergartens will receive child-sized masks from their schools later on. For those living abroad, registration starts on May 13 but they will need a local phone number and address for delivery. 


How does registration work? 

To avoid unnecessary gatherings, registration happens entirely online. You will first need to go to the website dedicated to the scheme.

Front page of the CuMask+ Website

Front page of the CuMask+ Website

Once you click to start the registration form you will be added to a queue, we assume to reduce user traffic and avoid crashing the site. 

Once you have waited, you then have 30 minutes to fill it out. You can fill it out for yourself and up to 5 other people on the same form. 

After that, the mask(s) will be delivered to your house within about 2 weeks.


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Why CuMask+?

CuMask+ was developed and produced locally using the government’s anti-epidemic fund. The award-winning technology used to create CuMask+ is composed of 6 layers of functional materials, “two of which are specially made with small quantities of copper, capable of immobilising bacteria, common viruses and other harmful substances”.


Visual taken from

The 6 layers provide an effective barrier against droplets and is effective for up to 60 washes. After that, the mask can still be used but the filter will need to be replaced. 


Below is a video released by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel detailing everything you need to know about CuMask+


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