AD MediLink Supports Families and Businesses Amid Outbreak

AD MediLink remains committed to supporting health in the community, and announces new measures to businesses and people who are most affected.


AD MediLink has been growing as Hong Kong’s specialised health insurance broker and advisor, bringing its unique healthcare expertise to people and companies.

Since the summer of 2019, the economic and social situation in Hong Kong has had a huge impact on the overall well-being of the community.

The COVID-19 outbreak further impacts the finances of many families and companies, at a time when protection remains essential. 

To help support the community, AD MediLink announces the following:


1. Introducing a Special Discount for Companies e.g. SMEs

In order to support companies in this difficult period, from now until 31 July 2020, AD MediLink offers a special 5% discount on group health insurance for eligible clients. 

While uncertainty lingers, cutting down employee medical benefits should be seen as a last resort. 

Indeed, keeping adequate coverage is not only essential to committed staff and families well-being but also to companies’ competitiveness. 

Actually, experience shows that during downturns, employee engagement and employer branding are heavily affected, negatively or positively, by any new health or family-related measures that employers may roll-out.

HR and managers with questions on group health insurance can access the AD MediLink Medical Employee Benefits Guide.


2. Offering Free Employee Health & Wellness Solutions

The physical and mental health of employees in Hong Kong has been severely affected in the past year, and the current outbreak makes it even worse. 

Thanks to its sister company Healthy Matters, Hong Kong’s leading health information platform, AD MediLink will offer online and offline employee wellbeing programs for eligible clients at no cost, for one full year. 

We believe that the right health, wellness and parenting support is essential for companies and their employees to weather the current storm together. 


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3. Supporting People Affected by Adverse Job Changes

The number of people who may lose their job or have been asked to take unpaid leave has dramatically increased since January. In Hong Kong, losing employment usually means losing all medical benefits, including for dependents. 

Having witnessed how the absence of coverage can create additional financial troubles and emotional stress for families, AD MediLink now provides a special 5% discount on health insurance to any affected individual and family. 

AD MediLink has also published a practical guide about health coverage and job changes.

HR departments/managers of companies willing to help impacted staff can contact us. Relevant staff can do so directly too.


4. Offering Medical Supply to Those in Need

In an effort to help the supply of resources in Hong Kong against the COVID-19 outbreak, AD MediLink is offering masks to clients and people in need, on a first come first served basis.

Masks have already been sourced and will be distributed as of next week.


If your are interested or have questions about any of these offers, contact You can also request a quote with expert advice for you or your company here


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