Amelie Dionne-Charest


Amelie started as a lawyer specialized in medical law and ethics in Canada before becoming an entrepreneur. While living abroad, she felt the vulnerability of needing medical treatment without properly understanding her healthcare options, and faced hefty health bills and insurance reimbursement hurdles.

After relocating to Hong Kong, Amelie became an expert in the local healthcare system. She entered health insurance with a mission to improve its model, by giving clients not just unbiased product knowledge but also expert advice about their healthcare options.

Amelie is Chair of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. She also sits on the Board of the Alliance Française de Hong Kong.

Amelie has received various prizes including the Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35 award by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and HKBA and Catherine Nance Common President of the Year Award by McGill University.

Languages: English, French.

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Julien Mathieu


Originally from France, Julien started his career in financial services, spending 13 years in Paris, New York and Hong Kong in various client relationships and risk management roles.

Julien became entrepreneur with a passion to find solutions to existing gaps in the health protection and information sectors. Julien advocates AD MediLink’s unique approach to health insurance: offering clients real expertise in their healthcare system in addition to professional advice on their health insurance options.

Julien is in charge of digital and partnership with companies and organisations. He is active and sits in committees in several Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong (French, Canadian) and is regularly invited to talk on radio shows and in the press.

Languages: English, French.

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Flora Yuen Fong Keung

Senior Manager

Flora was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has over 26 years of insurance experience. Over the years Flora has built significant knowledge in various insurance products including life, medical, and general insurance. Flora has a keen interest in health insurance, and strong relationships with a range of insurance companies.

Expertise: Health insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, MPF, personal and company insurance. 

Languages: Cantonese, Putonghua, English.

Fanny Sophie Daurel

Health Insurance Advisor

Originally from France, Fanny and her family have been living in Hong Kong for 12 years and Fanny’s two children were born in Hong Kong. Franny was President of  Hong Kong Accueil from 2011 – 2015, sat on their Board until June 2017 and still volunteers to help families when they arrive in Hong Kong.

When Fanny’s husband switched to a local work contract, the family’s medical coverage changed. She looked to AD MediLink to get additional health insurance for her family and appreciated the thorough and unbiased service she received. She is an expert on the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE) French health insurance scheme for expatriates and their affiliated top up insurance plans.

Expertise: Top up plans, family plans, maternity coverage, stand-alone child policies, French Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE), and medical employee benefits.

Languages: French, English.

Shannon (Shagun) Kapoor

Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Specialist

Shannon followed her family to Hong Kong in 2012, after successful marketing roles in India. She learnt about insurance from personal experience, and decided to embrace it as her career.

In Hong Kong, Shannon first spent over 7 years at an established insurance broker, advising a range of clients with a strong focus on life and medical insurance, and more specifically international plans (IPMI).

She has her clients’ best interest at heart, and a zeal for making new relationships and maintaining them long-term.

Shannon met Amelie and Julien in 2020, and found a shared passion and drive to make a difference in people’s lives by way of quality health & protection information and advice. She joined the team to bring her expertise in claims, negotiations with underwriting teams and insurance products.

Expertise: global health care, international plans, employee benefits, top up plans.

Languages: English, Hindi.

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