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Local health plans

Medical insurance to help pay for your health bills in Hong Kong.

International health plans

Explore a range of flexible health insurance options. For wherever you need it.

Top-up plans

Supplement your existing health coverage with comprehensive plans.

Maternity insurance

Pregnant or planning to have a baby? Talk to our experts.

Premium and comprehensive plans

For complete peace of mind, and the option to be treated wherever you want in the world.

Stand-alone child policy

Provide complete medical insurance coverage to your baby or child.

Case Study

Read about how we can provide you with the personalized and expert service you need.


A 41-year-old father of two young children has health coverage through work but finds his coverage insufficient. He would like to make sure that his children are well covered should any serious medical problem arise and that his wife has maternity coverage should they decide to have a third child.

The Solution

  • Our advisor meets with the client to assess his family’s needs, expectations and budget.
  • To minimize insurance costs and maximize coverage, our advisor recommends that:
    • Father is covered on an inpatient only plan to top up his work coverage.
    • Mother is covered for pregnancy with a maternity coverage that covers her for a private childbirth in a private room.
    • Children are covered for both inpatient and outpatient care including vaccination as they are likely going to see a doctor in the coming years.

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