The Complete Guide to Flu Vaccines in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, seasonal influenza is usually more common in periods from January to March/April and from July to August. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against influenza virus infection. Therefore it is best to get vaccinated two weeks before the start of the influenza season. It is recommended to get vaccinated every year, as well.

To acquire a vaccination, you can choose the private route or the public route. Through the public route, the 2019/20 seasonal influenza vaccination programmes, including the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (VSS) and Government Vaccination Programme (GVP), have been launched on the 9th and 23rd of October, 2019.

We break down the options and requirements for each sector.


Public Sector Flu Vaccination Options


Free flu vaccination – $0


The government provides free seasonal influenza vaccinations to eligible Hong Kong residents under the Government Vaccination Programme (GVP) 2019-2020. Vaccination is free for residents who are at risk through the Department of Health, Centre for Health Protection (eligibility requirements for the general public check here), and the Hospital Authority (eligibility and time table here, find a list of General Outpatient Clinic’s here).

The government also provides an immunisation programme for children, the Department of Health will reach out to schools to give schoolchildren SIV through a Government Outreach Team or a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Team.

The programs are as follows:

2019/20 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach – Primary Schools’ (Primary School Outreach). Find a list of doctors here.

2019/20 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach – Kindergartens / Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres / Child Care Centres. Find a list of doctors here.


Subsidised flu vaccination – $210


The Department of Health has also introduced subsidy schemes for 2019/20 through the Vaccine Subsidy Scheme, which is available to eligible people as indicated below through public routes and through private doctors who are enrolled. The subsidy has been increased to $210 per dose.

In the 2019/20 season, VSS continues to provide subsidised seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) to Hong Kong residents who are pregnant women, persons aged 50 to 65 years or above, children aged six months to under 12 years, persons with intellectual disability and persons receiving disability allowance. Get more information on eligible recipients here.

For a list of private providers and costs, visit the directory here.


Private Sector Flu Vaccination Options


Check with your general practitioner, paediatrician, or gynaecologist-obstetrician for influenza vaccinations in the private sector. You can also receive them at the hospitals listed below. On HK Island, prices vary between $250 and $500, be sure to take into account that clinics may charge a consultation fee for first-time visits, these fees differ according to the doctor’s specialty and location.

Hospital options:


Adventist HKStubbs Rd$380 (vaccine + consult)$380 (vaccine + consult)
Adventist TWTsuen Wan$220 (vaccine) + $190 (consult)$220 (vaccine) + $190 (consult)
Canossa (Caritas)Mid Levels$460 (vaccine + consult) during office hours$460 (vaccine + consult) during office hours
GleneaglesWong Chuk Hang$450 (vaccine + consult) during office hours$450 (vaccine + consult) during office hours

Caine Rd Clinic

$680 (vaccine + consult)

$470 (vaccine + consult)

$680 (vaccine + consult)

$470 (vaccine + consult)

SanatoriumHappy Valley$440 (vaccine + consult)$440 (vaccine + consult)
UnionShatin$380 (vaccine + consult)$380 (vaccine + consultat)



Other private options:


OT&P Health Care

Where: Find locations here.


How much: $388 for the vaccine (no consultation for adults).


Note: For children under five years old, a doctor consultation fee of HK$1,050 is required (all clinics except Repulse Bay). For children under five years old, a doctor consultation fee of HK$950 is required (Repulse Bay Clinic).


Need health insurance?


Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (same price for all locations)

Where: Find locations here.


How much: 

Adults $300 for the vaccine (no consultation), HSBC credit cardholders can enjoy $255 special price but on a first-come-first-served basis.


Children aged over 13 will be the same price as adults, and children under 13 need to undergo pre-vaccination evaluation at the cost of $100.


Note: For HK residents between 6 months and 11 years of age, and 50 years or above can receive free SIV under the Government’s Vaccination Subsidy Scheme through Quality HealthCare.



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